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Pro Verb

Pro Verb







Pro-VERB whose real name is Proverb T. Lawal is a musician , a fashion
designer and a teacher.
He hails from Lagos state
Pro-VERB has 4 siblings as the first of 5 kids
he can perform almost all genres of music namely Rock, Pop, R ‘n’ B,
Rap, soul rock, a lot more and the striking factor about this enigma
is that he has a message that would challenge the listener as well as
appeal to the truth of happenings around us, in life , business,
education, politics, and all that affects our socio-economic existence
as a people, because He would like to be seen as a citizen of the
world and pass the message across the world.

[audio http://maxibeats.com/media/mp3/Pro-Verb-Dream-BigMaxibeats.com.mp3]


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